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   About Shree Guru Sudhindra BCA College

The college was estblished in 2001 by  The Bhatkal Education Trust  which is affiliated to Karnatak university , Dharwad. Within a short  span , the college has made a significant mark in the area of computer education.


The world has become a small village  due to the revolution in information  technology . It has influenced almost  all walks of life be it business , education, entetainment  services and healthcare.
This course is designed to produce a dynamic breed of computer   Professionals  with excellent  mangerial skills . Fast growing  information Technology & communication systems have become critical componments of almost every company”s strategic plan. Companies  which  want  to take advantage of the new information technolgies and communication systems require expert Professionals , who can apply computer science principles to solve  problems produced by the interface between business and technology . This is abn undergraduate program where students are exposed to various areas of computer applications  including the latest development in the industry.

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